IP Payroll

A custom application designed specifically for medium and large enterprises.

Robust and evolvingRobust and evolving payroll solution

Our IP Payroll application is accessible online and hosted entirely by Nethris. This robust and evolving application was designed with the needs of medium and large enterprises in mind, and to handle complex payroll environments.

Designed to handle complex payrollsComplex payroll handling

Create a custom application using a complete range of practical features to handle compensation (unionized or other), social benefits, production costs or even your company's retirement plan. Whichever features you choose, Nethris takes care of compliance with payroll and labour legislation (provincial and federal).

Entirely configurableConfigurable payroll platform

IP Payroll's platform can be adapted to fit the remuneration rules and policies as well as each company's individual needs. We can even make customized features or interfaces for you so that you have an application that perfectly meets your company's needs.

Proven implementation processProven implementation process

We'll coach you through the start-up process: from the launch of your client environment through to your first payroll processing. Our solid expertise and our implementation managers specialized in large and/or complex payroll environments provide you with all of the support you need for a smooth and on-time implementation.

Maximum automationMaximum pay cycle automation

IP Payroll's numerous settings let you choose your level of payroll automation, saving you time and money. Automation is particularly useful for:

  • Recurring calculations (seniority, vacation, sick leave, absences, premiums, etc.)
  • Rules that apply to specific employee groups (temporary, part time, etc.)
  • Changes to planned dates in employee files, accumulation of accounting provisions, social benefit management, etc.
Evolution and updatesContinuous evolution and updates

Not only do you have access to the features designed based on our R&D, you get the same access to those we develop specifically for our other clients. What's more, you will always have the latest version.

Individualized service Individualized service

An experienced account manager assigned to your company will handle your requests and help you prepare your payroll. From Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (Eastern Time), your consultant will be pleased to answer all of your questions.

Privacy and securityPrivacy and security

Thanks to our many security measures, your privacy is in good hands. You can configure everything to best protect your company's data: you can activate or deactivate certain features, set user privileges, etc. Click on this link to find out more about information security and privacy.