Nethris Internet Suite

A complete Internet application for evolving businesses!

Fast, accurate payroll Fast, accurate payroll

Entirely hosted by Nethris, this online payroll application includes a multitude of features to process your payroll with speed and accuracy. Together with our payroll services, they form a winning combination as one of the most effective solutions on the market.

Beyond payroll Complementary payroll processing tools

Take advantage of an array of complementary payroll processing tools, such as: human resource management, electronic time sheets, employee self-service, a report generator, a general ledger interface, and group insurance. By enhancing your payroll service with these complementary tools, all of your personnel information will be centralized in a single location, so that you don’t have to re-enter data or search for it in various places.

Modular design Modular design

Why pay for what you don’t use? With our Internet Suite, you choose the modules and options that you really need, and pay only for what you actually use. If your business evolves and your needs change, your solution will evolve with you.

The power of the Web Access online payroll

All you need is a Web browser! No need to install software on your workstations or bring in a technical resource. You always have the latest version at no extra cost and you can access the application from anywhere, at any time. The many advantages of this type of application make it a simple and logical choice.

The light edition! Simplified payroll environment

Opt for the light edition of our Nethris Internet Suite solution. With its simplified pages and straightforward menu display, this version is perfectly suited to smaller businesses or those with a simple payroll environment. Find out if this edition is right for you.

Customer support included Customer support

Whether by phone or by e-mail, customer support is available Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm (ET), free of charge. Our payroll specialists and IT technicians will be pleased to help you and answer your questions. You never have to worry, we’re here to help!